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Are you ready to unlock a whole new level of productivity and take your business operations to the next level? Look no further! Yudara Tekno Prima (YTP) is here with all the expertise and tools needed for management, and operational consulting, procurement services & training.

YTP focuses on supply chain management issues with an emphasis on procurement, warehouse, inventory and logistics. However, the application development will be closely related to issues in general management, lean processes, operations & maintenance and digitalization

Whether it’s supply chain, purchasing & contract services or even general operations and maintenance, we have experts ready to provide exceptional service with quality.

Unlock a whole new world of productivity with us today! It's time make things happen: Let us show you how YTP can deliver value and productivity growth across your organization

Get all the expertise you need to stay up-to-date in your industry. Our team of professionals is well versed in oil & gas, power systems, and manufacturing industries; especially in the field of supply chain management, general management, lean organization,  operations & maintenance and digital transformation.

Further information can be obtained by contacting or WA +6281280143021

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Are you in need of professional advice for your business? Look no further!

Our consultancy services offer expertise mainly in the areas of supply chain management, especially  on its key processes such as procurement, warehousing, inventory, and logistics. In its deeper analysis, Yudara Tekno Prima also involves other management disciplines such as General Management, Lean Management and Operations & Maintenance Management which are widely related and can become study case references for Supply Chain Management

With experienced experts, we will be  helping clients to make decisions that will benefit their businesses now and into the future; we can tailor our solutions to fit YOUR budgets and YOUR operational level of complexity. Stop guessing on strategy shifts - work with us today to get measurable results with quality in timely manner.

See how our assistance can help transform your current operations.

Procurement Services

Do you need help with procurement services and contract management?

Yudara Tekno Prima (YTP) offers customized solutions to fit all your business needs. Whether it's direct purchasing or resource support, we have the expertise to ensure successful purchase and contractual outcomes.

Our experienced team can provide assistance to accomplish programs that are not included in the annual routine schedule, nor considered in annual procurement planning, and require additional resources, such as those related to projects or requirement on the peak times.

Apart from that, to participate in advancing the nation's economy, YTP also participates in the export of goods produced by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to importing countries.

Get started by visiting our Procurement Service’s site for more detailed information and learn more about what makes us different

Development Programs

Are you looking for a personal development program to build your professional expertise and boost performance in the supply chain management and its related fields?

Yudara Tekno Prima’s training program is designed specifically with both individual learners and groups in mind. We cover a wide variety of topics related to supply chain, general and operation & maintenance management, from principles & practices to problem resolution methods and more. Our comprehensive system covers various topics, from single courses all the way up to certification options.

We also offer custom content tailored specifically based on your company's needs so that everyone can get exactly what they need out of their learning experience. As part of our collaborative process with companies, we ensure that everyone involved learns valuable skills they can use both individually and as part of a group setting.

Get more information, if you're ready to unlock greater potential within yourself.


This site provides materials from webinar and podcast activities which are usually held every week. The material can be accessed free of charge and can be downloaded for personal use. Visitors can print a participation certificate. Apart from that, visitors can also access articles in the fields of supply chain management, general management and operations & maintenance management, written by our experts and the contributors

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